Price of Immortality

Maybe you should have that looked at...

Latest game- You fought creatures of both plant & undead nature. You found a new hobbit to torment. You freed a Dryad that was tortured for over 400 years. And you gained a new sword. It’s Miller time. You found out that the Treant Nockmort was possessing the tree of the Dryad. And the waters you used saved the Dryad & the tree. You hear that Cassiatta is actually the demon & now you have to kill her. Oh, and just saying, Bereth is dead…just saying.

Hounding a Lady
Hell of a Date

You found that Larrsa (Grak’s friend) was held in Citadel Vraid on trumped up charges that Arath (the main bad guy of this campaign). And the guard on the dungeon of Vraid called Caina (a place were people go to be forgotten about) traded her to a lord of hell, for Hellhounds. You fought him & hellhounds then went to hell to find Larrsa. You saw a vision from the sword that the guard had (Arath made it & a red full plate armor wearing guy used it). You had Larrsa but found that Bailly (her sister) was with a follower of Arath named Count Vendikon. He always loved Larrsa & was given Bailey as a down payment for his services. You also had a piece of Arath’s journal that Larrsa stole from him.
You make your way to Isger (where Grak is from) & there is a bounty for Grak. You guys fight the Baron with help from the other two theives’ guilds. You find Millies cremains & find a note & a strange cube with a key. The note says go to Crestwind Hall with the cube & find a man named Bereth who can led you thru a forest of undead trees to find Crestwind Hall.
You make it o Crestwind Hall & see that about half of the city is vampires (the other half is it’s willing herd). You met Lady Kitiara Whiteraven (a Vamp) she tells you that Badden gave her the Heartstone Gem & Arath. the Cult of Razmir, & the Cult of the Raven King are trying to blast their way thru a barrier to invade the city. And she tells the party what all of there plans are.

Cult of Razir & of the Raven King – They want a book called Fulnar’s Conundrum. A book that can allow the reader to steal the powers of a deity. Razmir wants to be a true god (instead of a wanna-be one) & the Ravin King wants to take the powers of his mother Pharazma.

Arath – Wants to finish a experiment that an ages old lich started that will make you become one with the negative energy plane & control anything tied to it in all the multiverse. To do this he needs the Heartstone Gem’s divination powers. To use it the device needs Residuum to power it. Residuum is made by destroying magic items. You find he needs a special kind of Residuum called Serrephinine, Residuum made from destroying intelligent magic items.

You met with Liath & the other bad guys at th barrier & Annalise saw that they were going use a magic eating metal to destroy the barrier & take Crestwind Hall. But you don’t know where the place is that it is housed so Lady whiteraven says to go into the forest & find the hivemind of the forest that has all the memories. You talk Bareth in helping you although reluctantly. You find Cassiatta in the woods & she says if you kill Nockmort & a demon she will help you out & basically not kill you & devour your souls.

New Troubles
Yeah, I said it...

You rested overnight & Cross & Brutalis became ghasts. With Brutalis killing Cross & then Walfgood’s friend. Walfgood chased him off & gathered the forces of goodness (the rest of you guys) & you chased him all the way to the Crypt of the Everflame & through the stone archway that teleported you to Sandpoint. You lost track of him but enjoyed the fair called the Swallowtail Festival that celebrated the building of the temple that burned 5 years prior. The fair was interupted by goblins. You fought the goblins. Guess what…you won.
You were led to the Glassworks by the kidnapping of Ameiko & found her dad dead by her brother’s hand & the underneath the Glassworks was some catacombs. You fought thru them & killed a Quasit & let loose a Succubus. Good job. Grak went to Madam Mhidvah & she gave him a vision of the betrayer Arath killing her the brother of Larrsa. Badden thought the plan Arath had was too evil & wanted to stop but Arath killed him.
You fought thru Thistletop killing goblin & demon alike. Grak was blasted in the face…by fire & had a vision of Badden telling him to find Millie’s grave. You made your way back to Sandpoint & found most of the town officials were enslaved by the succubus. So Madam Mhidvah came to you with a plan to get a potion that needs water from 4 pools of sacred divination water. It block Enchantment & illusion spells. You found dragons there. You saw that Liath (an enemy of Roland) was tring to gain the aid of the dragons. You also saw a chair made of bone & pure divination energy. You made it back to SAndpoint, fought the Succubus, & guess what…you won. You also found that Tsuto (Ameiko’s brother) was murdered by the sheriff & no one can find the sheriff.

In Like a Wasp, Out Like An Alchemist.
Things just got sexy.

After resting, our Alchemist decided he can’t hang, so he left the test proving that not everyone is hero material. But in from the cold comes a scantly dressed elf of Calistria. she has recieved visions of a stone archway hidden within the crypt & she comes with her dim-witted, half-retarded, simpleton named Will (who is a wizard but thinks every assumes he’s a ranger because he has a lizard??? You ain’t fooling shit oh-master-of-disguise.) You all became allies & the group was formed anew.
You ventured into the lower part of the crypt & Walfgood fell into an even lower part of the crypt, onto a vast amount of flayed skin. And as he orientated himself, he saw a stone archway. He then touched the archway & black smoke filled the room, animating the mass of flayed skin. His companions dropped a rope to his just in time saving his life.
You fought your way to the end & found out that grave robbers are the reason the dead are stirring. The cult of Razmir sent people to get 2 parts of a 3 part necklace. When they disturbed the dead it cause them to rise. One of the undead (and the holder of one part of the necklace) was an evil warrior named Azar. You fought him & won. The ghost of Kassen rewarded you & asked that you protect the holder of the last piece of the amulet named Irramine. He didn’t know where she was (he’s been dead long time) but a clue with one of the grave robbers (a handbill about the Ranger’s Lament, a bar in the capitol city) was your only clue to move on. You met with a Pathfinder named Cygar who asked you to help the Pathfinders find the source of what Razmir wants. He asks that 2 pathfinders come with you (Cross Neumark & the half-orc Brutalis) he says take the boat it’s faster & easier. But NO!!! That would be too simple, too clean, & that’s not the Walfgood way. So you left by foot.
You traveled and as you did the mist was always on your ass. You found a town called Wessen. ANd you found them to be cannibals. They were in a pocket dimension. Trapped there by the demon goddess Yamasoth because they moved their belief from Asmodeus to her. You went to the plane of Yamasoth & fought the grey man. Then the town was freed. You went back to Kassen because you were badly wounded.

The Crypt of the Everflame
Lets see what this puppy can do

In the beginning, it was Walfgood the Hobbit, James the Alchemist, & a nameless polearm master. It was their coming of age festival. The whole town was celebrating. Their task was simple, at first. But nothing that has to do with Walfgood is ever simple. They had to bring a lantern to the Crypt of the Everflame & light it with the flame of Kassen. They knew that the town elders was testing them & will throw challenges at them to test their mettle. As they entered the crypt they found that the honored dead in the crypt, somehow, has risen as undead & most of the town elders who were preparing the crypt for the test, were murdered by the undead. They met with one of the elders, driven mad by what he has seen, babbling in a room he sealed himself in. When they proved that they were not mindless killing machines he let them into the room. He told them of his sister who was taken by the undead down below. Probably to be sacrificed to some foul god.

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